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37 Modern Business Ideas in U.S. (Actually Doable 2023)

If you’re looking to start your own business, we’ve got a list of small starting business ideas. 

The best business ideas in U.S are cheap to set up, don’t require any experience, and can be done by anyone. 

The less experience and cash you need, the easier you’ll find it to start a business from scratch. Here are some of the best options. 

Low-Cost Business Ideas

1. Artificial Flowers Rental 

Flowers are popular in the U.S as home decorations, making flower rental a great business idea for beginners. Artificial flowers require less maintenance than real ones, so you’ll need less floristry experience if you opt for artificial flowers. 

The margin on flowers is high, so not only will you manage to save on stock, but there’s also excellent scope for profitability. To get started, you’ll need somewhere to store your artificial flowers, a place where customers can pick up the flowers (such as a store), and the flowers themselves. 

2. Stock Photographer 

There’s a huge market for stock photos, especially online, so if you’re looking to start a business, it’s worth exploring. Once you have the equipment, taking stock photos is cheap and cost-effective. 

You don’t need years of photography experience, but if you’re new to the industry, it’s worth taking a cheap or free online photography course. To get started, you’ll need a good-quality camera, locations to shoot, and models (or just friends and family) to take part in photoshoots. 

Once you’ve taken a few high-quality shots, build an online stock image portfolio and sell your images to businesses and individuals. 

3. Podcasting Studio Setup As a Service 

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S, so podcasting studio setup is an in-demand business. The business doesn’t require much experience, and it’s easy to make a profit since many podcasters need help setting up studios for their recordings. 

To get started, you’ll need equipment and a basic understanding of audio production. If you lack experience in this field, attend a cheap or free online course before starting. You can advertise your services or reach out directly to podcasters with offers. 

4. Teach English Online 

Teaching English online is an excellent way to make money, especially for native English speakers in the US. Teaching English online allows you to work remotely from your own home and requires no experience. Plus, there are very few upfront costs. 

You can sign up for an English teaching course, but it’s not necessary. You’ll need to create a website for your services or sign up with a third-party company to connect you with students. You’ll need a computer or laptop with a camera and microphone and a quiet space in the house where you can give lessons. 

5. Virtual Assistant 

Many U.S businesses want virtual assistants, so it’s an excellent small business idea at home. The best part is you can do the job from anywhere in the country with few upfront costs and little experience. Plus, self-employed virtual assistants can work for as many clients as they like. 

If you find successful companies to hire you, a virtual assistant can be a very lucrative job. All you’ll need is a computer and some basic admin skills. To begin, create a website advertising your skills and services and apply for virtual assistant roles. 

6. Airbnb As a Service 

More and more people are interested in travel and want to stay in a ‘home away from home.’ An Airbnb management service is a good small business to start because there’s high demand, and you can make significant profits. You won’t need any experience or the upfront real estate cost, either. 

To start an Airbnb service, contact Airbnb hosts and offer your services, and set up a website to advertise your business. You’ll have to organize regular cleaning and an easy way to check visitors in.

7. Glamping Gear Rental 

Glamping has exploded into popularity since it offers people a way to camp with more home comforts. There are few upfront costs once you’ve acquired the gear, and it doesn’t require any experience. 

To start a glamping gear rental business, you’ll need somewhere to store the gear, somewhere for your customers to pick it up, and the gear itself. Start with a few items and build up your inventory as you get more customers. Advertise your services using a website and social media and increase your marketing efforts during festival season. 

8. Moving Gear Rental 

Renting moving gear is a timeless profitable business idea because there will always be people wanting to move house. Once you’ve bought the items you’ll be renting, there are very few costs involved, and it doesn’t require any experience, making it a good small business to start. 

You’ll need to decide what gear you’ll rent (e.g., packing materials, lifting equipment), purchase and store the gear for rental and find a place where your customers can go to pick up their items. 

Online Business Ideas

9. VR/AR App Developer 

Virtual reality is an up-and-coming industry, so the opportunities for work in this sector will only increase. If you start a business as a VR/AR app developer, you can set your own rates and work from the comfort of your own home. 

This U.S. business idea doesn’t require experience, but it does require app development knowledge. Sign up for an online course before starting, then create an online website to advertise your services. Create a couple of basic apps for your portfolio in the first instance to attract customers. 

10. Video Editor 

Being a video editor allows you to work from home and choose your own clients. This career is especially popular in a world where more and more content creators use video, especially on platforms like TikTok.

There are few upfront costs, but you’ll need to develop video editing skills. Learn about video editing with an online course and practice editing personal videos in your spare time before starting. 

You’ll need an online presence to advertise your services and examples of videos you’ve edited for your portfolio. 

11. Podcast Editor

A business in demand in U.S is podcast editors because of the increase in podcasts’ popularity. To set up a business as a podcast editor, all you’ll need is editing knowledge, a computer, and editing software. 

If you don’t already know how to edit podcasts, sign up for an online course and practice with other audio material. Once you’ve got the expertise, advertise what you offer and reach out to existing podcasters with your services. 

12. Website Flipping 

Many small business owners don’t know how to develop an engaging website. That’s where website flippers can come in. Setting up this small business in America requires few costs and little to no experience. Plus, website flipping allows you to work remotely from your own home.  

You’ll need an understanding of website creation, which you can get from an online course. Once you have the knowledge you need, advertise your services online and contact small businesses to offer them your services. 

13. Transcriber 

Setting up a business as a freelance transcriber is a great business idea because it requires little to no costs and no experience. All you need are good listening skills and the ability to type or write quickly. If you’re currently slow, it’s worth practicing your typing to get quicker. 

To start your business as a transcriber, set up a website advertising your services and apply for freelance jobs on websites such as Upwork and Fiver. You can work from home as long as you have a quiet space to work from. 

14. Travel Planner 

Travel is a booming business, but many busy people want the stress of planning a holiday or trip taken off their hands. As a travel planner, all you’ll need is good organization skills and basic knowledge of traveling and destinations. 

To start your travel business, advertise your services online. You can even start by reaching out to friends and family who want help planning a trip, then ask them for reviews and testimonials to help with your marketing. 

15. Translation Service 

In an increasingly international world, more businesses and individuals need to understand other languages than ever before. If you speak a second language (or have the capacity to learn one), you can offer a translation service. 

You’ll need in-depth understanding of another language and good communication skills, but there are very few upfront costs required. Apply for freelance translation jobs on websites like Fiver and Upwork, and market your services using digital tools like a website and social media page. 

16. Cover Letter and Resume Writing 

Many people have the skills required for a job but don’t know how to write about them successfully. This makes cover letter and resume writing an excellent small business idea from home. 

A quick online employability course or some online research will give you the skills you need to write a good cover letter and resume. Once you’ve got the skills, apply for freelance resume writing adverts and market your services online. You can even work with schools and universities to give virtual or in-person resume classes. 

17. Online Tutoring

If you’re knowledgeable about a particular subject (or have the means to learn about it), online tutoring is a top business to start. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, it costs little to nothing, and you don’t need experience. 

To get started, familiarize yourself with your chosen subject and the related curriculum, if relevant. Sign up for a third-party online tutoring site and/or set up a website and Facebook page to advertise your services. If applicable, reach out to local schools and universities to market your tutoring to students. 

18. Website Testing Service 

Having a user-friendly website is an important part of running a business, so offering a website testing service is a profitable business idea. You can run this small business idea at home. All you need is the skills to test a website. 

If you lack knowledge in this area, try an online course first. Once you’ve developed website testing skills, market your services online and reach out to small business owners with an offer to test their website for them.

Ecommerce Ideas

19. Sock Subscription Box 

Offering a sock subscription box is a good products business because it will be popular among individuals wanting a monthly treat and people looking for a unique gift for others. Socks are relatively cheap to buy, so setting up this business promises good profit margins and requires no experience. 

To get started, buy sufficient stock and set up your eCommerce website. You can create an online store yourself or use a popular platform like Shopify or BigCommerce. 

20. Dog Treats Subscription Box 

The U.S is famously a nation of dog lovers, so setting up a dog treat subscription box will be popular and profitable. You won’t need any previous experience, just the ability to set up an eCommerce store. If you can’t build a website from scratch, you can use eCommerce platforms like Spotify. 

You’ll also need to purchase the socks and have an administrative means of keeping track of subscriptions as well as somewhere to store stock.  

21. Selling Hydroponics Gear 

An increasing number of people are interested in growing plants at home, so selling the gear to make this possible is an excellent business opportunity in U.S. It doesn’t cost much, and you won’t need any experience. All you’ll need is a basic understanding of hydroponics, the equipment to sell, and a place to store it. 

To start your small business in U.S., set up an online store, upload product details, and establish how you’ll ship the gear to customers. 

22. Selling Small Dog Ramps 

Small dog breeds have boomed in popularity, and many U.S dog owners are looking for equipment to help them access furniture more easily. That’s where small dog ramps come in. 

To get started with this new business idea, buy an inventory of dog ramps, then set up an eCommerce site so you can sell them. You’ll need to find a place to store the dog ramps before you ship them, or opt for a dropshipping business model instead. 

23. Selling Insulated Drinkware 

Sustainability is on the rise in the U.S, so reusable, insulated drinkware is becoming more popular. Selling insulated drinkware is a great business idea in U.S because it’s easy, low-cost, and doesn’t require much experience. 

You’ll need to find a supplier of insulated drinkware (or to produce your own), somewhere to store stock, and a means of shipping to customers. You’ll also need to create your eCommerce website and market it using social media and other tools like SEO.

24. Selling Productivity Planners 

In the busy, modern world, productivity planners help many people stay focused, so selling these planners is an excellent idea for a small scale business in U.S. You won’t need any experience. All you’ll need is stock, somewhere to store it, and a means of selling your planners online, such as a Shopify store. 

For maximum sales, pair your eCommerce store with a blog about productivity. Doing so will drive traffic to your site and make your brand more trustworthy. 

25. Selling Beard Care Products

Male grooming products are growing in popularity in the U.S, so selling beard care products online is a fantastic new business opportunity. This business doesn’t require any experience. A knowledge of beard care would be useful, but if you don’t already have it, you can learn more through online and market research.

Research beard care suppliers (or create your own products) and create an eCommerce store to sell the products. You’ll also need somewhere to store your stock and a shipping strategy. 

Small Business Ideas

26. Organic Food Truck 

If you’re looking for the best small business to start in America, an organic food truck is a great option. Anyone can do it, and food items usually have large profit margins, so it’s a good way to make money. 

To save upfront costs and minimize risk, rent a truck in the first instance instead of buying one. Choose the type of cuisine you’ll offer, and a place (or places) to sell your products. Opt for an area that suits your business. You might be more likely to find organic food lovers in a city, for example. 

27. Pet Grooming Service 

A pet grooming service is a small business idea in U.S. that anybody can do. Depending on how much cash you have upfront, you can hire a new space to perform the service or run the pet grooming service from your home, as long as you have the right equipment. 

You don’t need experience, but you need pet grooming knowledge, so sign up for a short course before starting and practice on friends’ and family members’ pets. Once you’ve got the expertise needed, set up a website and hand out flyers locally (or at your nearest veterinarian’s office) to advertise your business. 

28. Power Washing Service

If you’re searching for the best small scale business in U.S., a power washing service is a great choice. This business in U.S. requires no experience and few upfront costs. 

You’ll need to buy power washing equipment, learn how to successfully power wash a yard (you can do this using online videos) and market your services. Set up a website to advertise what you do and knock on doors in your local area to offer your services to residents. 

29. Organic Vending Machine 

Imagine vending machines, but healthier, and you get organic vending machines – one of the best new business idea in U.S. You don’t need any experience, but you’ll need some cash to buy vending machines and their contents to sell to your clients. Instead of filling the machines with chocolate and soda, opt for healthy snacks and low-sugar drinks. 

Market your business using traditional digital marketing tools, and reach out to commercial buildings directly to see if they could benefit from your organic vending machines. 

30. Firewood Delivery Sevice 

Firewood is a material that most people in the U.S need occasionally rather than all year round, so offering a firewood delivery service offers customers convenience exactly when they need it. 

To run this business, you’ll need a vehicle for transporting firewood and to decide which area you’ll cover. Choose your location based on areas more likely to order firewood, e.g., those with cooler weather. You’ll also need an app or website where customers can place orders. 

31. Tow Truck Service 

If you’ve got a driving license or the means to get one, consider a tow truck service. The U.S. is extremely car-friendly, so most Americans drive, making this the best business to do in U.S.

Before starting your tow truck business, investigate local regulations to check if you need any special permits. Once permits are obtained, market your services using a website, social media pages, and local facilities. Posting flyers and other marketing materials at service and gas stations will help you reach your target audience. 

Rental Business Ideas

32. Baby Gear Rental 

Many new parents are short on money, so renting baby gear is a great way for them to save costs. It’s also useful for parents on vacation who don’t want to take all their equipment abroad. 

Anybody can create a baby gear rental business, and it’s easy to run once you’ve purchased the stock. To start, you’ll need to purchase the baby gear equipment and find somewhere to store it. You can save money by storing the gear in a designated part of your home. You’ll need a website or app where people can place orders and a means of getting the gear to them.

33. Property Rental 

If you’ve got a second property or the means to buy one, property rental can bring in consistent, significant profits. You’ll need to check that your mortgage provider allows for rentals before advertising your property on the market. 

If you don’t have the ability to purchase a second property, offer property management services, including contact with tenants, cleaning, and organizing property maintenance. To start this business, contact property owners with an extensive portfolio and little time on their hands. 

34. Storage Room Rental 

In a world where more and more people move around and work remotely, the need for storage space is increasing. Anybody can start this business; all you need is money to cover the rental or purchase of a storage room which customers can sub-let from you. 

You’ll then need to advertise your services online. Get in touch with moving companies and real estate businesses to see if they can advertise your services to people moving home. Reach out to hybrid companies to see if they need somewhere to store office equipment when staff is working remotely. 

35. Party Character Rentals 

In the U.S, children’s parties typically have some form of entertainment, so if you’re looking for the best business in the U.S. ideas that anyone can do, consider starting a party character rental. 

It doesn’t require any experience, but you will need to find professional party characters or buy a costume and become a party character yourself.

You’ll then need to market your business online and advertise your services in schools and nurseries to reach parents. 

36. Photo Background/Booth Rental 

If you’ve got a vehicle, you like traveling, and you’re looking for a business plan that doesn’t require experience, photo booth rental is the best business to start in the U.S. for you. 

Weddings in the U.S are becoming more lavish, so photo booth and photo background rentals are growing in popularity. You’ll need to buy or rent a photo booth and have some means of storing it and transporting it to events for use. 

37. Piano Rental

Piano rental is profitable, popular, and requires no prior industry experience. People rent pianos for a variety of reasons, including events and home practice, so it’s a thriving business model. 

To start a piano rental business, you’ll need sufficient stock and somewhere to store it, and a means of marketing your services. You can also connect with other local businesses, such as  event planners, to offer your service as part of a package deal for events.

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